A Shared Journey of Comfort & Purpose

A Shared Journey of Comfort & Purpose

In the midst of the global pandemic, when stress levels soared and uncertainty clouded our lives, we embarked on a remarkable journey that would not only transform our home environment but also lead to the creation of our small business. Fueled by a collective desire to find solace and regain focus amidst the chaos, we discovered the profound impact candles could have on our mental well-being. Little did we know that this simple realization would become the foundation of a business venture that combined our shared love for candles, creativity, but most of alla greater purpose.

A Candle-Lit Beginning 

As a husband and wife duo, Chris and I sought refuge in the soothing glow and enchanting fragrances of burning candles during those challenging times. Their flickering light and gentle aroma provided us with moments of calm and stillness from the overwhelming circumstances we faced. We found ourselves buying 2-3 candles every week. However, as we continued to indulge in our newfound passion for candles, we soon realized that constantly purchasing them was becoming an expensive habit, threatening to dim our new-found enthusiasm.

The Beginning of an Idea

Determined to find a solution that would not only elevate our home environment but also alleviate the extra strain on our wallets, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We embarked on a mission to create candles ourselves, blending our unique skills and talents. Little did we know that this seemingly practical decision would evolve into something extraordinary—a joint endeavor that would ignite our entrepreneurial spirits while also bringing a focus on the importance of our mental well-being.

The Joy of Creation

As we dove into the art of candle making together, we discovered an immeasurable sense of joy and fulfillment. The process of melting wax, carefully selecting fragrances, and pouring it into tins (we've come a long way since then) became a shared passion, strengthening the bond between us. We reveled in the creative freedom that candle making provided, exploring an array of scent combinations and captivating designs. The therapeutic nature of this shared creative process brought renewed focus and purpose into our lives, igniting a shared flame of new passion project.

Candles with a Purpose

While we initially started making candles to enhance our own mental well-being, it didn't take long for the idea of candles with a purpose to take hold. The impact of mental health on our lives during the pandemic prompted us to commit a portion of the proceeds from our candle sales to support mental health organizations. It was a heartfelt decision to give back and contribute to a cause that held deep personal significance to both of us.

Exploring New Horizons

Driven by our shared entrepreneurial spirit, we ventured beyond traditional candle tins and began exploring the realm of concrete candles with the release of our Rasa Collectionit was our new beginning. Pouring each candle vessel by hand, meticulously blending concrete and infusing it with carefully chosen color pigments, added an extra layer of uniqueness to our creations. Concrete candles not only brought a visually striking aesthetic into our repertoire but also symbolized strength and resilience—an embodiment of our journey through challenging times and the foundation of our mission.

As we have continued to grow as a brand, we are always working to offer more value for our customers and community. For the Fall of 2023, we've introduced the Mosaic Collection, our glass candle line. You can read more about the meaning behind the Mosaic Collection here.

Embracing Growth and Gratitude

From humble beginnings, our small business has flourished, attracting customers who resonate with the concept of candles that provide comfort, ignite positivity and contribute to a greater cause. Each sale brings us a profound sense of fulfillment and gratitude as we continue to pursue our shared passion. Every candle we create is infused with love, care and purpose, serving as a reminder of the power that lies within simple acts of self-care and the beauty of shared entrepreneurial dreams.

What started as a quest for personal solace during an unsettling time blossomed into a joint business venture deeply rooted in the belief that comfort and purpose can harmoniously coexist. Through the power of candles, we found a way to create a more inviting home environment while giving back to mental health organizations, forging a path of meaning and positivity together. We can't wait to share all the amazing things on our horizon, because there is so much more to our mission than just candles. Stay tuned.

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