The Mosaic Collection

The Mosaic Collection

The Mosaic Collection reminds us of life's imperfections and how they contribute to the bigger picture. Like the cracks and flaws in a mosaic, we all carry our own scars and vulnerabilities, but they are what make us beautifully human. Embracing these imperfections and finding harmony within them is the essence of this collection.

Similarly, this collection celebrates the power of unity, urging us to come together, embrace our differences, and appreciate the collective beauty that arises when we support and uplift one another.

This is a collection we have been working on behind closed doors. It’s been a little secret for awhile. The time is here. Fall is right around the corner (it feels like summer never came). We couldn’t wait any longer.

These candles are hand poured into a 12oz colored matte glass vessel. They feature our crackling wooden wick. Every candle we sell helps someone in need. That’s what makes us different than most. Help us help others while also creating comfort for yourself.

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