Collection: Rasa Collection

New beginnings. A new chapter. Watching Fall show us how beautiful the process of change and letting go can be, it seemed fitting to think of our new decor and candle line as a clean slate and new beginning of what’s on the horizon. 

We strive for a simple, clean and minimal look, offering calming and soothing smells, colors and overall esthetic. We know life can be challenging at times, and we all experience this from time to time. We want to create comfort in the uncomfortable and encourage growth and progress. We are a home and human brand.

Tabula Rasa is a latin phrase often translated to “clean slate”; we fell in love with this idea for our new line. Looking into this further, we found that “rasa” is a Sanskrit term meaning “essence” or “fluid.” In spiritual tradition, this term refers to the essence of human experience; the emotions that govern human life. 

Introducing our new collection of concrete candles and decor: The Rasa Collection.