Your Day Just Started is focused on making a difference. Not only is it our mission to create products that are calming and compliment you and your home, but it is also our mission to provide a higher purpose. This is why we have chosen to donate a portion of our proceeds to mental health organizations. Starting 11/6/22, we will be donating to our local organizations that help our community. We look forward to branching out and helping others outside of our community and state as we grow. 

We are so excited about this addition, because when we were creating this brand, donating and giving back in a meaningful way, was a pillar of this brands values and goals. We love the idea that as you find peace, and relaxation from our scents or decor, you will be helping someone get access to mental health treatment, and resources. 

We are dedicated in our mission. We are dedicated to making mental health a more normal and accepted conversation. We understand that we all need a helping hand, and the more accessible the resources, the more impact we really can make.