Our Mission

Your Day Just Started is the idea that we can start our journey at any time. We all have ups and downs throughout our individual journey, however we persevere and grow. YDJS is a home & human brand that wants to help change your everyday life for the better by creating quality products that help create positive environments for people to grow and live in. Growing means change, and change is hard and uncomfortable, we want to help create comfort in the uncomfortable.

 People are heavily influenced by where they live, their friends and family that surrounds them. We don’t have as much influence as your family and friends, but what we can help influence is your home. You know? The place you spend most of your time when you aren’t with your family, friends, or at work. The theory of this is, if we can influence your mood in a positive way, it will help create a snowball effect. This leads to you having better days and relaxing evenings after work. It snowballs into you feeling less stressed and more focused. Helping people relax by changing the vibe of their home and learning to enjoy the smaller and more controllable parts of life. 

We love the idea of helping someone express themselves through our handmade products. Everytime someone loves the aesthetic, quality, scent or color palette. It reminds us that we are creating products of importance. We took this concept and ran with it. We thought that to truly be a Home & Human brand, we would have to not only supply a product that relates to our customers interests, have soothing calming tones and colors, but also impact lives. We then realized that donating a portion of proceeds to mental health awareness and organizations that help would be the most impactful. Your Day Just Started believes that the better we understand ourselves , the better we can understand each other. We are all fighting through battles that can’t necessarily be seen.