How To Wholesale: 

We are doing all our wholesaling through Faire. Our link is located below. You will be able to access our latest offerings. We will be offering seasonal scents for our candles and wax melts on a quarterly basis, along with seasonal home decor products and wall art. We are always expanding our offerings and doing creative experiments with new colors and scents. Go take a peek! 

Depending on the size of your order, we will give you a fulfill time estimate. 

If you find what you like, but don't know how to facilitate an order on Faire, please email us, email is listed below, and we can manually input your order. 

If you have to cancel your wholesale order, you have up to two days to do so from initial order. Where we make our product by hand it takes time and resources and cancelations can hurt our ability to fill other orders. We want to cut down on waste as much as possible.

If you are outside of the two days notice you will be billed for 25% of your initial order amount. If this is not met, we will likely not being doing business moving forward. 

Any Questions? Email us at yourdayjuststarted@gmail.com